Weekend Picks in Athens


New Earth gets my vote for The Heavy Pets w/ The Freshtones and Harlem Albright Band


Caledonia Lounge gotcha covered with a FREEEEE show all about The Orange Constant from Statesboro, GA.


If you’re one of the few people not at all interested in the Troy v UGA game, then you’ll most likely have enough energy to muster for some live music. For all those unaware, that was sarcasm. I appreciate your patience. Anyway, for all you hip hop people, I’d suggest this week’s installment of Athens Intensified at New Earth featuring The Egyptian Lover. But, I’m more of a rock gal myself and would go to The Georgia Theatre for some Earphunk with Kyle Hollingsworth Band.


This Sunday just down the road (a little ways) in Atlanta, is a one day music fest that is by all means worth the drive. PARKLIFE is happening at Atlantic Station’s Central Park from 2:00 til whenever they kick Jake Bugg off the stage. But, before Bugg we have Altanta’s own Shadowboxers, Mississippi natives The Weeks, Nashville heroes LP and The Wild Feathers, and then all the way from Brooklyn come The Lone Bellow. Oh, man… and day-of-show tickets are $30. I’d gladly pay that much to see ONE of these artists.

Jake Bugg, LP, and The Weeks are the only ones I’ve never seen live before. I’m expecting big things from all of them. I’m sure they’ll deliver. I remember listening to Nashville’s Lightning 100 one morning, and hearing this girl wailing with only an acoustic guitar to cut through the otherwise silent studio. It was LP doing a live performance of Tokyo Sunrise and it was the greatest.

I think I listen to The Lone Bellow’s self-titled album at least once every day. You should too.

If you’re road trippin’ to PARKLIFE, here’s a Spotify playlist to get you there. It’s basically every song from every artist playing. Pretty basic.

Here’s another one with my favorites from each artist!

Athens Weekend Round up


I pick Moon Taxi at the Georgia Theater. I do believe tickets are sold out, so that is tragic for all those without. Opening for them is another Nashville band, The Lonely Biscuits, whom I have stalked via Audiotree… so there’s that. There’s going to be so much jam happening in the GATH tonight. Fav tracks to look out for during the show: ‘Southern Trance’ & ‘Running Wild’ from MT, and ‘Casual Vibes’ from TLB.


Head on over to New Earth for a little more local flavor than my Thursday pick. Hey- they’re all from Georgia so that’s lovely. Up and comers, Walden headline the night. A hometown buddy of mine, Alex Young, will show us his stuff before then, and ever BEFORE that is Atlanta’s Ryan Steffes. A night o’ singer/songwriters.


Melting Point takes the cake tonight for Dayroom‘s 20th anniversary show featuring AthFest veterans Kick The Robot. I would even go just to see Kick The Robot. So much talent. So wow.


PARKLIFE festival in Atlanta, yo. Music starts at 2PM with The Shadowboxers. Then it continues with The Weeks, LP, The Wild Feathers, The Lone Bellow, and then Jake Bugg. Oh, holy cow. CAN’T WAIT.

Where should you be in Athens this weekend?

Oh, I’ll tell ya.

Our weekend starts early with Thursdays pick- Kansas Bible Company @ Nowhere Bar (10PM)

Friday begins the fourth annual Dog Daze Fest @ The 40Watt. For a mere $5 you are treated to the listening pleasures of: Dana Swimmer, Wood Fangs, and Cottonmouth among others. Flagpole Mag has a free download of the festival compilation here.

And Saturday is easy- Georgia Theatre. Flagpole Magazine’s 2014 Music Awards upstart winner (and personal favorite) Family & Friends accompanied two equally noteworthy folk-inspired acts Matrimony and Cereus Bright make for a fantastic night of music. Look out for my interview with Cereus Bright later this week! Buy tickets here.

Workout Wednesday Week 3

Hello all you spirited people rocking out to these playlists. This week’s jams have certainly kicked it up a notch in power. We’re thrown in a catapult and then launched by Style of Eye’s remix of “I Don’t Care”. You thought it was a good workout song before… well, I hope you’re ready to drink about 6 times more water. Other highlights include “Feel So Real” and the 90’s hit “Groove Is In The Heart”. As always, this playlist was made by Punk Rocky‘s very own Mo.

Check out the playlist here.

Happy exercising! (I know… that’s funny… )

Workout Wednesday Week 2

This week’s playlist from my Punk Rocky friend, Mo is significantly more pop-y than last week. My absolute favorite is “Beta Radio” from Ra Ra Riot. This song is not only incredibly catchy (beware, it’ll be stuck in your head for a while), but it’s also a great pace keeper. Well… all of them are!


Just to recap- I am training for a half marathon, hence the title of this post. I hope the music of this series inspires you to get out there and do something. Walking burns calories too, you know!

Workout Wednesday Week 1

Quite an alliteration, am I right?

Here’s the thing- every October for one Sunday morning, Athens every moderately serious runner within a 200 mile radius comes together and burns thousands of calories. How you ask? By running the annual AthHalf (half marathon)! And, this year I will be joining those crazy people. Before you tune out here, I would like to point out that I’ve never run more than 3 miles at a time. I was the one on the cross-country team in high school that faked injuries to get out of practice. Needless to say, I will need all the encouragement I can get. A good deal of motivation comes from the music I listen to while actually running. I’m about to start a 12-week training plan, and don’t want to lose stamina by listening to the same music every week. I’ve asked my friend Mo Wilson of Punk Rocky blog to create a new playlist of workout jams for each of the 12 weeks of my training! Hence, “Workout Wednesday Week 1″.

BUT, this is not just music for runners planning to run a half marathon (which is 13.1 miles by the way). Use this music while you run one mile, or walk a mile… maybe while you lift weights. Use it to motivate yourself to walk to check the mail. Open your eyes to the possibilities of being active. It’ll change your life!

This week’s playlist includes tunes that either have some variation of ‘run’ in the title, or in the lyrics. Perfect start. Thanks, Mo! Be sure to check out Punk Rocky!!!

Follow the playlist here