That A’Lana Slang


What do David Bowie and The Band have in common? They don’t/didn’t take themselves too seriously. And, Atlanta rockers Slang are following their great predecessors’ lead which lends them to produce dance rock with a performance spin that creeps right into your ears and stays there. They could cover the Monster Mash at Christmastime and you’d add it to your holiday collection. I can’t say much in lieu of what their actual live performance is like, yet. I can only say that with music so audibly vivid, I am expecting a BIG live show… and I’m not expecting to be let down.

Slang is: Hayes Hoey (vocals, guitar), Grant Taylor (bass guitar, vocals), Jordan Williams (lead guitar), Ryan York (drums)

Sample their stuff on Bandcamp- “Herr Doktor Schwein and His Wife” & “Hands” are available for download.

If you’re in Atlanta this Thursday (12/18), come by the Music Room at 9PM. Laurasia will open the show and the Chattanooga dudes of Behold the Brave will close the night. If you like to have fun, you should come on out!

*Not in town? Look for my review of the show on 12/19, yo.*

Interview Updates




Check out the latest from SATURN VALLEY under the interview tab! I had a great time hanging out with Chris, Nick, and Christian. Be sure to like their Facebook page to catch their next show in Athens.





In other news, I’m happy to announce that tomorrow I’ll be talking to Critter of OLD CROW MEDICINE SHOW! Look forward to seeing Tweets about that. If you weren’t aware, Old Crow is stopping in Athens for the night on Thursday November 20th at the Classic Center.

You can buy tickets here.

Make sure you like their Facebook page as well- just posted a contest for free tickets to the show!

And, check out their latest album Remedy.


My all-time favorite OCMS tune…

The Final Countdown

Alright, only a few more days until the big AthHalf (half marathon)! I’ve made a list of just a bunch of fun tunes to get myself motivated to keep running. Hope you like ‘em! No particular order, just for funzies. I go about picking songs to exercise to that inspire in a positive way. Well, I throw one or two angry songs in there to mix things up. But, generally I’m looking for a feeling in my gut that tells me today is a fantastic day. Also, a random side note, I used to sometimes refer to Spotify’s Running Mid Tempo playlist for pace-keeping purposes. They added ‘What Are You Waiting For?’ by Nickelback. *Unfollow*… Be careful, kids.

old crow medicine show




rusted root

ting tings




modest mouse

moon taxi

nickel creek


trampled by turtles

Weekend Picks in Athens


Second installment of Nuci’s Space Jam this time featuring: The WoodgrainsOak House, and The Dalmations. Doors at 7 amd music at 8. THERE WILL BE FREE PIZZA AND CUPCAKES. I dare you to eat one of each at the same time.

But, if you’re into things that come from Muscle Shoals you need to The Secret Sisters at the Melting Point! I saw them open for Nickel Creek last April and was blown away by this duo.


Too bad Shovels & Rope with John Fullbright at the Theatre is completely sold out… your automatic backup should be Superchunk with Crooked Fingers at dat 40Watt!


Yay a Saturday where you can watch the Dawgs from the comfort of your own home and still have energy to do things after! I’m very interested in this duo that’ll be at New Earth called Mandolin Orange. I’ve watched their Audiotree session and was diggin’ it!

NEW Lone Bellow Track!


It has been a year and nine months since the release of The Lone Bellow’s self-titled album.  If I owned the physical CD of this album, I would be on my third or fourth copy by now. So, for a while I’ve been lovingly drowning in the sorrow and pain that seeps from every pore of (lead singer and songwriter) Zach Williams into every nook and cranny of The Lone Bellow. I lose track of time in ‘Teach Me to Know’. I am a starving artist, walking the streets on an empty stomach in ‘Green Eyes’. I walk through the frigid hell with the widower in ‘Two Sides of Lonely’.

Then Came The Morning


The first taste of what’s to come from the upcoming Lone Bellow album. We have not crawled out of the despair that beautifully plagued the last album. We have been catapulted out of it. I can feel an explosion of light with every repetition of the song’s title. Williams, like always, is a vocal powerhouse. But this time, he cries out because he knows the ‘you’ is no longer a fair match for him. He will not stand down. And, then comes the morning.

Download the newbie from iTunes!

Catch The Lone Bellow when they tear down the house at the Georgia Theatre on November 6th!


*Photos from TLB official site.

Weekend Picks in Athens


Well, I wrote an entire post on the Nuçi’s Space Jam concert series… so that’ll be my pick for the next few weeks! Note: These shows start at 7, so don’t be rollin’ in at 10 hoping to just catch the headliner. Support Nuçi’s Space and UGA Music Business program! Kicking off the first show of the series is Austin Green of Space Time Travelers, The Hernies, and Waitress… gonna be a good time for all.


Family & Friends with Whiskey Gentry at 40Watt. That’s all you need to know.


So, I hear Kick The Robot shall grace Athens with it’s presence at the Caledonia Lounge with help from local rock group the Summer Sonics. I also hear there may be a third act added to the bill. By ‘I hear’, I mean I read it on the Facebook event


Another great show on a Sunday! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen these groups play in a space that requires you to pay for wine. The Christian worship bands, The Classic City Collective (of Classic City Church) and Mission Athens Music (of Christ Community Church) are coming together at The Melting Point to ignite a spiritual experience. Personally, I’m excited about hearing Mission Athens Music twice in one day!


Here’s a video that doesn’t have to do with this post. Yay, non sequitur!

Welcome to the Space Jam

Ahhhhh, it’s that time of year again!



October? Fall? Oh, right. No, I was talking about the annual Nuçi’s Space Jam series. Every Thursday in October, you can go to Nuçi’s Space for some prime local live music. But, these just aren’t you regular agent-booked shows. Students from a class in the Music Business Certificate program- MBUS for short- are divided into groups who each have a mission to put on a concert benefiting the Nuçi’s. All they’re given for certain is a venue and date. Finding artists (who are cool playing for no monies), decorating the space, providing hospitality, promotion, organizing raffles/art displays/other interesting exhibits, and all other tasks fall to the young confidants. Talk about weight on your shoulders… this project is also graded. But, the professors know exactly what they’re doing here. It’s like moving to Spain after taking an introductory Spanish language class for two months. The Space Jams are tangible experience for us MBUS student.

But, before I continue this abnormally-long post, I bet some of your are asking what Nuçi’s Space is. Nuçi’s Space came about after the tragic suicide of UGA student and local musician, Nuçi Phillips. His family created this place,nucis located on Oconee Street, for musicians struggling with depression and other disorders to actually get help for suicide prevention. It’s a safe environment for bands to practice with four rent-able spaces, and free of substances. Nothing I say can truly express how immensly important this institution is for our city. I love and support everything about it. Want to get involved? Volunteer, tell others about it, come to a Space Jam- the net of ticket collections go straight to the Space.

And not to mention, every Space Jam is so fun. When it’s your groups night, you’re either running around like a chicken with its head cut off, wringing your hands like a middle school boy about to ask a girl to dance because you’re so nervous about people showing up, or you’re standing in front of the sound booth just chillin’ because this is the first group meeting you’ve graced you presence with. Personally, my Nuçi’s Space Jam ended up attracting a lot of people. I remember looking around as our headliner took the stage, watching the audience cheer and jump with excitement. I thought, We did this. We are not experienced, not professionals, but we did this. It was the first time I realized that college isn’t a waiting period… just let me roll out the cheese mobile for a second…  we will always be in metaphorical college. We will always be learning, but its not formal so no one thinks it really counts. No wonder most college seniors are terrified to graduate. School is a security blanket. As long as you study, you get to stay! But, if all you do is study, how will you ever relieve any anxiety about not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life (which is also another myth I’d like to dispel on another occasion)? We bind ourselves by invisible limits on what we are capable of achieving because we consider ourselves ‘inexperienced’ and ‘lacking direction’. You’ll continue to be those things for the rest of your life if you keep waiting ’til you ‘have you act together’. This one project was a wake up call. It’s terrifying and its awkward… for a while… but that’s how you know you’re getting somewhere. So, get out there.

Nuçi’s Space Jam #1 is tomorrow evening at 7! Click here for more info.

Can’t make it tomorrow? Try #2, #3, #4, #5, or #6 (in Nov.)
Find Nuçi’s and the MBUS program on Facebook and Twitter.